RC Module will take part in the 20-th International Conference DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND ITS APPLICATIONS (28-30.03.2018).

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Mailing address:
RC "Module". P.O. Box 166, Moscow, Russia, 125190.

3 Eight March 4th Street, Moscow, Russia.

Secretariat: +7-495-531-30-80

Dpt. of marketing: +7-499-152-96-98

Sales team: +7-499-152-96-98

Fax: +7-499-152-46-61

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"Airport" station, the last car from the center, follow the map.

"Dinamo" station, the first car from the center, Bus № 105 or Mini Bus № 4M, "Chetvertaya ulitsa vos'mogo marta" Stop; or Bus № 110, "Stariy Zykovskiy proezd" Stop; or Trolleybus № 12 and № 70 "Ulitsa Konstantina Simonova" Stop.