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RC Module will take part in the International Industrial Forum "Electronics. Instrumentation. Automation 2018" in Saint Petersburg, 18-20.09.2018.

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DSPA 2018

The 20-th International Conference Digital Signal Processing and its Applications (DSPA-2018) was held in March 2018 in Moscow, Russia in the Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences RAS.

The Conference DSPA is the biggest ever DSP conference hold in Russia. It aims to cover the main areas and subjects of digital signal processing. The Conference DSPA'2018 is waited to have a success to bring together the leading experts from theoretical and application areas of DSP to work in these areas and to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to talk about the most important issues in these fields. There is a need to merge seamlessly between the theory and practical implementations. Overall, we hope to generate fruitful and stimulating discussions on these matters. The DSPA-2018 aims to complement the existing large international meetings and conferences and takes a general view, dealing with a variety of DSP methods, techniques, approaches, tools as well as DSP generalizations and applications.

The Conference will be organized in the form of paper presentations at problem oriented sessions and posters.

The Conference Digital Signal Processing and its Applications (DSPA-2018) is sponsored by the IEEE Society Russia Section, IEEE Signal Processing chapter in Russia, Russian A.S. Popov Society for Radioengineering, Electronics & Communications, Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences RAS and some other IEEE Society chapters and research and industry Institutes of Russia.